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San Fermin, how an orchestra can be a band

San Fermin's new album, Jackrabbit, comes out April 21.

After University, Ellis Ludwig-Leone went in a lost place under the Rocky Mountains to compose his debut as San Fermin. It works: the result is great, the 2013 album San Fermin is a tribute to the great folk pop masters of the last years.
Obviously the music has been influenced by that places in Alberta, surrounded by nature. It is also a strange album with a dichotomy between male songs and feminine songs, with a lot of instruments (but the composer made also a hard work to rearranged every song with less instruments). San Fermin it is not made by one man, it is an orchestra in a band. I love Sonsick (female song) and  Methuselah (male song)

So, San Fermin is a big band, both for the number of the members and for the quality of the sound.
In 2015 they released, Jack Rabbit, a dreaming album. The quality has not changed, even if I prefer the first album (but this is my own personal opinion). I can ear also something that reminds me of Enya’s sonorities, something fantasy, with the energy of the electronic music. From this album I like Ladies Mary a lot.

So, it is very hard to define this band, it is very polyhedric, thanks to the different instruments they play and the creativity of the songs structures. I think you should ear the entire work to make your own opinion on San Fermin. And then I would like to know what you think about it!

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