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New band: Communions

New band of the week: Communions, from Copenhagen, Denmark. If you look at them you think about a nineties boy band. Despite what it looks like, they rock. First of all, I think their indie rock music reminds me of the eighties most beautiful sound.
They cross the post punk scene of the ’80s, but you can also hear some of the early nineties indie rock. Their sound is nostalgic and romantic: youth and love is what they play about.

It is difficult to find a band so professional. Yes, their sound is professional, so well performed they seems original ’89 music.
I love their latest album, Blue, released early this year. Come on, I’m waiting is my favourite song from this EP. I hear a bit of the calmer Smashing Pumpkins, a bit of The Strokes, The Libertines, all mixed with an angel voice. Is it possible?

I can suggest you other pieces like Love stands still, one of their first singles, and Forget it’s a dream , because it has the real essence of the eighties.

What do you think about them?

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