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Style #10

I think that this week’s outfit highlights the importance of a foulard in a morning outfit. We all want to be unique, we don’t want to be like all the other women around, but it is a9be05e27bf7b0adb41cc7c90f17439ddifficult when you are in your total white day. We all have in spring and summer almost one total white day. Maybe when we’re not in our period and we are very very happy ( that’s way total black day is so on vogue).

Well, this on the left is a classic and chic total white outfit. I don’t really like this kind of “equilibrium” on the body because everything is large and I think that something has to sign the body, to give it a shape. But this is not the important thing in this case. A total white look is perfect when it is complete by not white accessories (or jacket, or shoes, ecc.). Here we have a blue handbag and a beautiful blue silk foulard. It would have been perfect also knotted on an arm or as a headwrap. these accessories give balance to the style.

What do you think about it? Do you like total white? I don’t remember the last time I wore a total white look…

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