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Travels list: Alaska

Travel is the best medicine. Everyone agrees with me, I’m sure. So I’m writing down a list of places where I want to go with my partner. I love seaside, I love nature, I love ancient cities, I love new cities… basically I want to go everywhere and see everything. So it will be easier to start from the up-west side of the World map: Alaska is a very big country, the 49th state of the USA. I want to visit it from when I was little, because I love uncontaminated nature and aurora borealis (obviously also Lapland is another trip on my list).
I think the perfect period to go to Alaska is at the end of August, when you can start to see the aurora borealis in the Denali National Park. A heavy jacket is a duty, the temperature will be between +5°C and +12°C, something we usually see in the North of Italy in November. In the Denali Park there’s also the highest mountain of all America (6200m), mount Denali.
I’d like to visit Anchorage, the biggest city with about 290000 inhabitants and the capital of the state, you arrive there with the plane, so it’s an inevitable passage.
Even if a lot of oil extractions will start there, thanks to Trump, it’s an uncontaminated place, there is no light pollution and the aurora borealis should be clear and spectacular.

Now, I want to know something about Alaska from you. Have you ever been there? Or are you from that wonderful place? Tell me something about it!

Mount Iliamna
Aurora Borealis
Denali National Park
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