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Home inspirations: sofa

It’s time to choose the most important piece of forniture of all the house! The one on which all the ideas come from, the one on which you stay comfortable with your love, the one that goes well with Netflix: the sofa. A house without a sofa is like a sky without stars.

I once lived in a house without a sofa, it was my first accommodation when I started University in Pisa. It was a very very very very… very very old house with some furnitures that I think saw the Italian Unification (fyi 1861).

Well, in some ways I loved it and I loved almost all my flatmates, but there wasn’t a sofa. There weren’t a lot of things, actually, but a sofa would have brought more coziness to our poor home.

So, I found some really beautiful and original ideas on the Internet, even if, at the end, my boyfriend and I chose a different thing. You’ll see it on the next article.


The first inspiraztion comes from my favourite site of all time, The Jungalow (you can see the complete article here). This is the living room of a couple of travellers who filled their home with souvenirs from all over the world. You can see how different styles matches perfectly together even if they have different origins. They have in common warm colours like browns, oranges and yellows and the result is an ethno-chic living room with the perfect sofa. I love the squared supports and the low armrests (it is uncomfortable to lay your head on some high arms), a classic sofa with a touch of sixties style. Dog not included.


I found another unforgettable sofa (and living room, because a sofa is perfect if it is comfortable AND if it is merged in the right place) on The Jungalow (link to the complete article here). I love peach and I love a sofa that matches with the walls colour. This room is simple even if it’s colourful, it’s a powerful bohemian room, in fact is part of the Biz Babez, a co-working space for female entrepreneurs in L.A.

This picture makes me also think that I really would like to have some cacti in my house. Also on the upcoming balcony (some technicians are renovating all the building’s balcony). Stefano will hate me because I continuously try to take care about plants but I have a lot to learn.

The next discovery is from ELLE Decor (click here for the link to the article). Isn’t blue a really beautiful colour that goes well with a lot of nuances? Look how it’s perfect with red and white in this living room of a Manhattan apartment (also a bit patriotic, isn’t it?). And what about the chaise lounge? Stefano thinks that it is fundamental for a sofa to have a chaise lounge (if you have the space in the room, obviously). I think it is a valid substitute of the low armrests (I know, I only think about napping on the sofa).


Last but not least, my favourite colour is green, so I cannot finish this article without a green sofa. I found this on Wayfair (link to the original page here), a British web site on which you can buy everything you see in this picture. It has also an American site. I love the idea to put together acid green and salmon! I think that bright and colourful furnitures are the right choice if you have a poorly lit room.

What do you think about these discoveries? I look forward to showing you our new sofa, different from these, but very comfortable and serious (in fact I am now searching for colourful details to personalise the room).

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