Zurich: Friedhof Sihlfeld

Let’s say that I don’t love sports. Well, I don’t love to DO sports, because I love to watch for example basketball. So, I don’t do sports but I walk. I love to walk very much and I love to explore new places and breath good and clean air.

Luckily Zurich is not polluted as the North of Italy, so I can walk everywhere and feel refreshed.

There is a place at more or less 20 min walking far from my house, where I love to go almost every day. It’s the Friedhof Sihlfeld. Yes, Friedhof means cemetery. It is indeed.

It is a beautiful place full of flowers and plants, with a lot of benches. 288000 mq in which people go not only to pray for their beloved but also to find some peace and to read a good book. And that’s what I do. I do a fast walk to Friedhof, then I search for a good bench and read a bit, then another fast walk to home.

That beautiful and majestic building is the crematory, not used today. You can find this place in Kreis 3 (Kreis =district), precisely in Sihlfeld. It is very big so it has a lot of entrances on many streets.

I love to discover places in new towns and I would like to share them with you. It could be useful if you want to visit Zurich.

I really recommend you to go there if you need a quiet place where to read in peace and where to stay a bit alone.

Have you ever been there?


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