Home inspirations: chairs!

Here comes the time to choose the chairs to combine with the white table. So, my research through my favourite websites continues. What would you mate white a white table? I think that everything goes well with white.

from maisonsdumonde.com

The first type of chair comes from Maisons du Monde. I love this shop with its vintage french style and those chairs are really special. You can find them here at this link. I think they give importance to the room and I really love yellow and teal together. I can say that teal is my favourite colour.

Then, are you following the trend of different chairs around the table? I am seriously considering it.

from wayfair.co.uk

The second love of the day is this beautiful and particular chair from Wayfair. You can find it here at this link. It is well structured and it makes me think of those 1950s/60s industrial furnitures. Do you think that it is too much important for a dining table chair?

In fact, it is also perfect in front of a desk, because it has a good seat.

from ikea.com

And these are my favourite chairs at Ikea’s. I saw them, I tried them, I love them. You can see them in detail here at this link. I love the Industriell collection. It has really beautiful shapes and colours. I didn’t convince my boyfriend in buying these; even if he loves the industrial style, he likes simpler shapes. As you could see in my old post about the new table we bought something simpler.

What type of chairs do you have/would like to have?


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