Is that a moving desk?

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Aaaand we did also this one. We bought a supercute desk at Ikea. There are a lot of types of desk, I didn’t know it! But we found the right one. It’s big, so my boyfriend can put all his programmer’s and gamer’s staff on it, it’s white, so the room is brighter, and it lifts! Is this the right verb in English? There is a a crank on the site that allows you to lift the desk up so you can work on it on your feet.


It’s an important thing because programmer and all the people who seat for 8 or more hours can have a lot of problems in the long terms. It is important to move for the blood circulation, for the articulations, for a lot of reasons. Well, this is not THE solution but it’s a start. Working a bit on your feet and a bit seated allows you to move.

It’s recommended also to do some stretching during the day and if you are on your feet it’s easier!


This desk name is Skarsta (you can buy it here), he chose the biggest one, 160 cm long, but there is also a smaller version.

There was also the type with the electric button that lifts the top. Obviously the price is higher and a bit of arm exercise is not bad! You can find the electric one here.

What do you think about it?

What kind of desk do you have?

And most important: do you do your stretching?


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