Colourful little bowls!

Here I am with the thing that I love the most together with mugs: bowls!

I found these beautiful little bowls in Piacenza, Italy, where my parents live, in my favourite shop, Ema Outlet.

It’s my uncle’s shop with two different locations: one with only clothes and accessories and one with also home decor.

Foto 15-08-18, 11 17 52You can also find bowls like this in the main online shops like Zara Home and H&M Home. And if you live in Switzerland I saw something very similar at Manor.

Some people, my uncle too, asked me “What do you do with these bowls? They’re so small!” (they’re 12 cm Ø).

Well, you can do a lot of things with them!

First of all, when I try to cook something Japanese, they’re perfect to contain rice. I love to eat Japanese rice with salmon and a sweet and sour sauce.

Second, they’re perfect if you make a little aperitif with friends. I put in it peanuts and other little snacks.

Third, they’re perfect for a break in the afternoon. I prepare white yogurt with cereals and fruits or, like in the photo below, I prepare a banana smoothie (banana and milk) and add some cocoa powder, cereals and blueberries! My boyfriend loves it! And I love it too!

Foto 27-07-18, 19 05 35

So, do you use bowls? Do you think they are useful or useless?


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