The purpose of each type of content on Instagram

Do you know that any type of content on Instagram has it’s own purpose?
If you follow these advice I bet you’ll see an improvement on your account!

Let’s start by saying that you can have 3 purposes on IG: attract, nurture, and sell.

They go along with the customer journey, the usual behavior of a potential customer: awareness, consideration and decision.

AWARENESS and ATTRACT: to attract new followers, to let people know about you your products.

NURTURE and CONSIDERATION: to make people stay, to give them valuable information, to make understand that you’re trustworthy.

SELL and DECISION: to have the ability to sell after they got to know you.

So, you need to create content in order to take care to all of these stages of the customer journey and of your purpose. Be intentional in what your create!

Let’s see what to do with each type of content on Instagram:

  • REELS – traffic and awareness
  • CAROUSELS – nurture (to educate and to bring value)
  • CAPTIONS – nurture and sell (with the call-to-action you make them do something: to comment, like, click on a link, buy, etc.)
  • STORIES – nurture and sell
  • HIGHLIGHTS – attract, nurture and sell (highlights are a sort of archive where you can keep the stories where you present yourself, the stories where you talk about your book, the stories where you sell your book, etc.)
  • DMs – attract and sell
  • COMMENTS – networking and connect
  • GUIDES – easy way to make people find your content
  • LIVE – to build trust

Now think about what you use the most and how. Do you think you’re going to change something?

What I suggest, but I know it’s difficult (it’s difficult also for me!), it’s to take 1 of these types of content that you’re not using and to try to experiment with it. See if something changes and try to have a good use of all the aspects of this really complete platform!

Need some help figuring out what to do? Write me a message! I’m here to help!


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