How to introduce yourself on Social Media – Instagram edition

Social media marketers say it a lot of time: “Your social media profiles are your business cards.”
They tell people, who you are, what you do and why.
What’s the achievement people can gain following you or buying your book?

Let’s face the truth: a lot of people do what you do. There are a lot of writers out there and for sure some of them write books similar to yours!
So, what can you do to attract people anyway? SHOW THEM YOUR UNIQUENESS, through your content, but also through your profile, cause it’s the first thing they’re going to look at.

Let’s talk about your Instagram profile, there are several opportunities to introduce yourself.

  • PHOTO: a writer usually doesn’t have a logo so I suggest you to show yourself or, for example, if your books always have the same main character, maybe you can think about using a fan art as profile picture. I usually think that’s better to show your face in the profile picture, it seems more a real account.
  • BIO: your bio is fundamental.
    • In the first line, the one in bold type, you should write you name and what you do. Remember that this line is searchable in the search section!
      Examples: at the moment my line is “Daria – Book marketing“. Yours can be: “Jane Doe – Fantasy thriller writer”. Really simple but effective.
    • The second part of the bio should answer the questions: what are you writing and who are you writing for. Then add a call-to-action and a link.
      The call-to-action can be “my latest book is now available⬇️” and the link will lead to the purchase. Or it can be “Read the first chapter of my novel for FREE⬇️” and the link will lead to a landing page where they can download it.
  • LINK IN BIO: a link is fundamental to bring your followers and potential reader where you want. It can be a blog, a website, a e-shop link for the purchase of the books, a newsletter subscription, or all of the above.

    Prepare something free for your potential reader. It can be a blog where you write your book updates like in a diary; it can be a website with your biography and your story; it can be a landing page to sign up to a newsletter where you can send your readers some behind the scenes of the book. It can be all of these and if you have more links like I do you can always use tools like Linktree or Linkinbio.

    They allow you to put more links in one: there I have my youtube channel, my newsletter subscription and my website with blog.
    Linktree has lately added a new feature for writers, you can present your book link in a really cute way, with the cover and with all the options for the purchase.
Linktree screenshot of an example of book link
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Instagram allows you to save some of your stories in your profile. This is really useful so more people can see them after their 24h time.
    You can add more groups of stories in the highlights: an “about me” section where you talk about what you do or your show what you do; a “review section” where you show some readers reviews (people love to see what other people think of your work before purchasing it); if you participate at event concerning your work, then why not adding an “event section” to show that you’re active in your field?; and so on. You can really choose between a lot of stuff. But don’t overdo!
  • PINNED POSTS: you have different choices with pinned posts. You can pin up to 3 posts and they can be a post where you talk about you, a cover reveal, a good review from an important person, the poster of a soon-to-be event, a piece of an interview you did online, a Instagram live you did, or simply a post that was liked a lot by people, a post you’re really proud off, etc etc.
    But remember that those are the posts that people will see first. What do you want them to see about you and about your books? What’s important that they know? What will make them say “wow, I’m following this account now”?

A social media profile can be really small but can include a whole world. Be sure to do a good job with yours and write me if you have some questions!


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