#moviemarathonday: ghosts

If you love ghost stories, then you’ll love this week’s marathon. It’s about funny ghosts, mysterious ghosts, enormous ghosts and jelly ghosts. As usual, I selected different types of movies to let the marathon be enjoyable for everyone. I think that the eighties ghosts movies are the best, but I chose also a “more modern” one.

  • Ghostbusters, 1984, directed by Ivan Reitman, with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver. You can’t leave behind a film like this. It has laugher, it has eighties ghosts, it has a bit of fear for the god of destruction, it has Bill Murray. It has everything.
  • Beetlejuice, 1988, directed by Tim Burton, with Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis. I know a lot of people who have never seen this movie. First, I think that Tim Burton deserves always a chance. Second, this became a cult movie that every film lover should have in his collection.
  • The Others, 2001, directed by Alejandro Amenàbar, with Nicole Kidman and Fionnula Flanagan. It’s a supernatural gothic horror movie, perfect for a marathon of this type. What is a ghost movie marathon without a well done horror movie?

Which ghost movies would you have chosen?

P.s. I love Bill Murray

It’s #lazyplaylistday: various artists

This’s week playlist is very special and miscellaneous. It is gently offered by one of my best friends, Giovanna. You can hear it here on my Spotify.

“In the weekend I often study, write or read. That is the right moment to mark the time with different sounds. After some introspective songs, it is good to insert some “andante” pieces. Else it would become an alienating activity. I love metal, by I preferred to show you a more heterogenous playlist adaptable to a lot of day types.”

  • Pj Harvey – This mess we’re in
  • Bjork – Pagan Poetry
  • Nick Cave – I let love in
  • Led Zeppelin – Friends
  • Dream Theater – Learning to live
  • Hole – Violet
  • System of a down – Spiders
  • Iron Maiden – Rime of an ancient mariner
  • Afterhours – Male di miele
  • Janis Joplin – Ball and chain
  • CCCP – Punk Islam
  • The Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness
  • Pink Floyd – Your possible pasts

What do you think about it?

The refinement of L’Occitane

It’s been years since my mom and I discovered L’Occitane, a Provencal line of natural cosmetics. We have never been unsatisfied. You can find them everywhere in Europe and also buy them on the official site www.loccitane.com. What do we love the most?

  • the Divine collection (in the image above you can see the gift packaging). It’s an extraordinary anti-aging line with properties of an immortelle flower from Corsica. We think it is perfect for mature skin, but also for thirty-something skin, given that it is very delicate and there is also a Light face cream version.


  • the Precious collection. I use this product every single day and my skin is smooth and moisturised. I wash my face every morning with the Precious Cleansing Foam and I also learned to use the Essencial Face Water, useful to remove the pollution from your skin at night, before going to bed.




  • The Almond collection. Almond oil is a super hydrating ingredient and Almond Supple Skin Oil is the best for a very dry skin. it is also perfect for massages. I’m thinking of trying some other products of this moisturising line.




Do you use something from L’Occitane? What you think about it?

Klara Zubonja: an Australian singer with an European folk heart

A new singer-songwriter is entering the world of folk music: Klara Zubonja is an Australian beautiful girl I discovered a couple of weeks ago and I already love her voice. I am a lover of every particularity indie can give, like Regina Spektor, Eliza Doolittle, Marina and the Diamonds… and Klara is surely on their level. I can hear also some King Charles notes in her cheerful songs such as Birds in my living room. Well, Klara Zubonja loves those singers too and she has a particularly attention on European folk music combined to what is the independent music now.

Klara Zubonja’s debut album is Stuck Between, you can listen to it Here on Youtube. I like her both strong and sweet voice with a very considerable extension. You can see also two videos: Stuck Between and We have no control.

Her website is www.klarazubonja.com. What do you think about her?

Movie marathon day: New year’s eve

Are you a New Year’s Eve hater or lover? If you have no time or desire to party, you can win with a movie marathon! I chose 3 movies set on the last day of the year (or with an episode on that day) for you, the hater-of-the-parties-on-command.

Everyone will be satisfied, because I mixed various genres. 3 different types of films, 3 different directors, 3 different decades: a thirties crime story, a sixties horror and a XXI century comedy.

  • After the thin man, 1936, directed by W.S. Van Dyke, with Myrna Loy and William Powell. Perfect for who loves crime stories and black and white movies.
  • Rosemary’s baby, 1968, directed by Roman Polanski, with Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes. The most powerful Polanski’s movie and a beautiful horror story.
  • Bridget Jones’s diary, 2001, directed by Sharon Maguire, with Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. A comedy is the best way to peacefully end a night in which the most sensible people will be terrified after the last two movies.

5 hours of movies, wine and crisps are not bad with the right company. What you think about it?

It’s lazy playlist day! Piano songs

This week playlist is suggested by my friend Michele: I asked him a lazy playlist to relax your mind during a long bath or while you read a book. You can see he loves seventies music, but the playlist is completed with other gems of the history of music. You can also find it here on my Spotify.

  • Elton John – The King Must Die
  • Neil Young – A Man Needs A Maid
  • Billy Joel – Streetlife Serenader
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash – Cathedral
  • Dave Brubeck – Far More Blue
  • Bruce Springsteen – Point Blank
  • Joni Mitchell – Blue
  • Black Sabbath – Changes
  • Radiohead – Pyramid Song
  • Return To Forever – Where Have I Known You Before


Here is a comment by Michele:”I think the Piano is the most wonderful instrument to play. This playlist is an homage to every people who loves piano. On Christmas holiday we need relax and a smooth playlist in the background is the best your mind needs. From the electrifying touch of Elton John to the pure voice of Joni Mitchell, passing by the “Piano Man” Billy Joel, they’ll give you gooseflesh. And why Black Sabbath? Listen and understand.”