Mapei reinvents modern soul

This beautiful swedish-american singer is the first guest of The Lazy Factory music section. She is best known for her single Don’t wait.

Her indie pop/soul style is the new version of indie music we want to hear. Sweden always offers a lot of new special artists with new types of sound, as Robyn and Lykke Li. But it is difficult to mix what is on vogue with something so polished as soul music. In her songs we hear the Nineties’ scratch with the modern electronic beat; the result is danceable and not noisy at all. But the similarity with Lauryn Hill’s voice is a bit inconvenient: we know that is difficult to accept something that only seems to be as the Queen of the Nineties hip hop voice. Although her work remains a pleasant thing with interesting music ideas.

We know that Mapei was also Lykke Li roommate in New York: maybe was her promising friend her inspiration for her first album Hey Hey, released in 2014 in Sweden. Good success in the U.S. and in Sweden, but not good in the rest of Europe. X Factor Italia gave her first single Don’t wait a tribute in 2015, but it was not enough for the italian public. Let’s wait and hope for a new album with the same determination and modern sonorities.

A honey potion for a sweet skin

Farmacy Beauty created a naturally-derived skincare lines. One of its fantastic products is Honey potion, a very hydrating honey mask. Over the centuries honey has been used for its anti-inflammatory and soothing power. Now this ingredient (made exclusively by bees that pollinate Echinacea flowers), with a mix of propolis and amino acids, is used to create a super moisturising mask that nourishes and revitalizes the skin for a glowing and smooth complexion.

After 15 minutes you feel your skin renovate and if you use it regularly the dry parts of your face will change a lot. I think it is perfect for this cold winter. Cold and bad weather dry skins out.

You can buy it here.

All the Farmacy Beauty products are not tested on animals and are free of parabens, formaldehyde and artificial coloring. I think we will ear about them soon.

Beauty 2.0

It is considered almost a teasing to be obsessed with organic food and beauty products. We hear a lot of industries trying to sell something that seems to be organic at a very big price and some people think it is stupid spending money for something not completely definite. I think that the truth is always in the middle. It’s not right to think about organic things all the time and to be obsessed with it, but it is clear that a lot of people have earned the awareness of the necessity of a clearer and cleaner world, starting from our own body. Pesticides, preservatives, parabens: we don’t know what we really eat and use on our skin, but we want to. And there are a lot of new organic and non brands that cares about non dangerous products and I want to discover them and share them with you.