I accompany self-published authors and independent editing houses writers towards independence in handling Social Media.

You don’t need a permanent Social Media Manager, you need a temporary Social Media Coach.

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Learn how to manage your own Social Media with ease and laziness.
No stress towards success.

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What I do

I know the struggle of the need to sell your art products alone. But you cannot afford a full time expert to help you with Social Media Marketing.

That’s why I thought about a coaching program that allows you to become independent in creating your own Social Media Strategy.

I will follow you for a preset amount of time, guiding you through the difficulties and the splendor of Social Media, untill you will do all by yourself!

What I offer

I created special programs for small sustainable businesses owners that cannot afford a permanent social media manager.

Foto di Liliana Lafranchi. lilianalafranchi.com

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the lazy factory

Founded in 2021 by Daria Bongiorni.
Based in Zurich, Switzerland.

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