Home-spare-time. Libro del mese: Il metodo Catalanotti di Andrea Camilleri

Ho appena finito di leggere "Il metodo Catalanotti" di Andrea Camilleri e mi dispiace moltissimo. Avrebbe dovuto avere almeno altre 1000 pagine da amare e vivere. Ma almeno ho un buon pretesto per aprire una nuova sezione della rubrica sul tempo libero, la mia preferita. Il tempo libero a casa è il tempo che preferisco, … Continue reading Home-spare-time. Libro del mese: Il metodo Catalanotti di Andrea Camilleri

My favourite home decor sites: Wayfair

One of the most well furnished site I've ever seen is Wayfair.co.uk. You can also find the US version and the German-austrian version. You can find there anything, in every colour and every style. I am into kitchen accessories at the moment and I am a bit lost in the pages of Wayfair, there are any sort of dishes, cups, mugs, pieces of silverware...

Is that a moving desk?

Aaaand we did also this one. We bought a supercute desk at Ikea. There are a lot of types of desk, I didn't know it! But we found the right one. It's big, so my boyfriend can put all his programmer's and gamer's staff on it, it's white, so the room is brighter, and it lifts! Is this the right verb in English? There is a a crank on the site that allows you to lift the desk up so you can work on it on your feet. 

Home-spare-time. Pizza!

I did it! I made my first pizza! Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "Shame on you, fake Italian!" Well, I have to say in my defence that where I lived I always had a very good pizzeria nearby. And also my mother made a very good one. Today I discovered that I'm good in making pizza. Bravo, Daria! And I want to share my very very simple recipe with you. But please, don't ruin the recipe with pineapple!