Beauty Routine: VINE[ACTIV] by Caudalie

I’m so happy when I find something really magic for my skin. I’m 30 and my skin is not the same as ten years ago, so it’s time to change the products I use for it. I always tried high quality face products, because I give a lot of importance to my face. I tried all organic, natural, not tested on animals products and this time I did the same.

Beauty routine: shampoo by Derbe

This beauty routine is dedicated to hair. I’ve never been a lot into hair, I’m not one of those people who cares a lot about brightness, softness etc. But I love my hair, I tried a lot of haircuts and hairstyles, I even coloured them once.
But there’s a moment when you realise that if you don’t use the right products you can

Beauty routine: Nature’s invisible sun oil spray spf 30

I’m making an exception this summer. Usually I only talk about beauty routine once a month but I think it’s fundamental to talk about protection from the sun in summer. Even if you’re dark skinned, even if you tan a lot in five minutes, you have to take care of your skin.

Beauty routine: Nature’s aftersun emulsion

It’s already late summer and I’m whiter than white. I didn’t go to the beach or the pool yet, but that moment is coming. All August I will be the whitest princess of the Tuscan beaches. For me it’s very difficult to get tanned, but it is so easy to get sunburnt. So it is very important to use something to take care of my skin aftersun.

Beauty routine: no mosquito bytes, please

As every time I find something innovative, I have to thank my mother and her trusted shop in which you can find a lot of organic products. This time of the year my problem (and I think this is your problem too) are mosquitos. I live near fields even if I’m in a city and this is beautiful because I can also see nature and air is better. But there are also the

UPKer by Guam: for your hair only

My mother is a great discoverer of new products that don’t hurt your skin, without parabens, ecc. Guam is a brand that takes care of it, however this product isn’t for your skin, but it helps your hair. UPKer by Guam is an oil that repairs and protects your hair from the roots to the ends.