Beauty routine: Nature’s aftersun emulsion

It’s already late summer and I’m whiter than white. I didn’t go to the beach or the pool yet, but that moment is coming. All August I will be the whitest princess of the Tuscan beaches. For me it’s very difficult to get tanned, but it is so easy to get sunburnt. So it is very important to use something to take care of my skin aftersun.

Tea tree cream

I’ve never tried Tea Tree Oil, but I always heard that it is fantastic and a panacea to all the bad things in the world. Well, I’m trying now a cream with the 30% of Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree by Pharmalife Research, for a heat rush. A cream version is more delicate than the oil itself; the oil is concentrated and pure on the skin can irritate it.

L’Amande, 130 years of pureness

The L’Amande website is not as modern as it should be, but it’s an historical Italian company and you can find its product all around Europe. It was one of the most important soap factories during the golden years of Marseilles soap-making tradition (the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century).