Is that a moving desk?

Aaaand we did also this one. We bought a supercute desk at Ikea. There are a lot of types of desk, I didn’t know it! But we found the right one. It’s big, so my boyfriend can put all his programmer’s and gamer’s staff on it, it’s white, so the room is brighter, and it lifts! Is this the right verb in English? There is a a crank on the site that allows you to lift the desk up so you can work on it on your feet. 

Home inspirations: desks

My boyfriend and I are two home people. We love to stay at home, we love our computer, but the difference between us two is that I don’t really need a desk because with my Mac I can stay everywhere: on the couch, on the dining table, sometimes at the park nearby… But he hasContinua a leggere “Home inspirations: desks”