Style #10

I think that this week’s outfit highlights the importance of a foulard in a morning outfit. We all want to be unique, we don’t want to be like all the other women around, but it is difficult when you are in your total white day. We all have in spring and summer almost one total white day.

Style #8 and #9: children!

It’s time for a little cuteness! I love to style foulard, but I always show you ways to use it on women! And what if I tell you that you can style it on your little princesses? They would be so proud of their moms! I think that a bit of colours on their clothesContinua a leggere “Style #8 and #9: children!”

Style #7

I want summer. I need summer so badly. I don’t care about the hot weather, I want to wear my colourful dresses and after I saw this outfit, I want to wear also a denim dress! Everything in this outfit is perfect, the denim dress is one of those nineties dress I always wanted toContinua a leggere “Style #7”

Style #6

Aren’t you thinking about summer yet? I can’t see the time to put on my swimsuit, forget about my pounds and my imperfections and put on my swimsuit. Because I love to go to the beach and my body won’t make me change my mind. I’m a jeans shorts lover but I have none. IContinua a leggere “Style #6”

Style #5

Easter is coming. Will you be with your family or with your friends? It will be a weekend of strolls and good feeds. And the outfit?
I had a crush with this one. I have a shiver down my spine every time I see it. It is simply perfect. This persimmon look is perfect for spring and also for Easter days.

Style #4

I love to wear pastel colour in spring. It is the season of coloured flowers, but I prefer to wear sparkle colours in summer.
In this period I like peach, beige, pastel yellow and pastel green, for example.
Here’s the style I found. You would think that I prefer romantic and elegant look, but