Style #3

Sometimes is good to watch some celebrities to get inspired. Not every movie star is kitsch, often you can find good look that you can copy or use to invent something new.

Here is Vanessa Hudgens, beautiful as always. In my opinion she has a very good taste in fashion and she always dresses well.

Style #2

Do you know that foulards are hip from a very long time? My grandma used them when she went to the seaside, on a convertible, to take care of her hair set. But she used them also to complete her day and night outfit.
Watch this outfit from the 1940s. It’s a Chanel. Beautiful, isn’t it? Chanel brought pants to

Style #1

You know, I will open soon a little foulard shop here on the blog. I would like to share with you some style I find on internet and on the street, so you can see what’s beautiful about this peaces of textiles. With different shapes, different colours you can do a lot of art on your body and complete an outfit with originality.