Home inspirations: bottles and glasses

I really love to buy things for the kitchen, especially mugs. But, given the marvellous water here in Zurich, first of all I need a good bottle. I don’t buy plastic bottles anymore and I am very happy about it. I already bought a bottle with filter for the everyday water, but I also wantContinua a leggere “Home inspirations: bottles and glasses”

My favourite home decor sites: Casa De Perrin

(All of the images in this article are properties of Casa De Perrin) Casa De Perrin is a dreamy website that rents flatware for special events as weddings. You can also see some photo galleries of their events on the site. Luckily now they also sell their beautiful flatware. They are expensive but of aContinua a leggere “My favourite home decor sites: Casa De Perrin”

Colourful little bowls!

Here I am with the thing that I love the most together with mugs: bowls! I found these beautiful little bowls in Piacenza, Italy, where my parents live, in my favourite shop, Ema Outlet. It’s my uncle’s shop with two different locations: one with only clothes and accessories and one with also home decor. YouContinua a leggere “Colourful little bowls!”

Home inspirations: bowls

You know, trends always come back, in fashion as in home decor, or movies, or everything that changes continuously. But they don’t come exactly the same way as the previous time, luckily. It would be boring. Well, a trend that proposed itself again after more than 20 years is the bowl. Didn’t you noticed? WhenContinua a leggere “Home inspirations: bowls”

My favourite home decor sites: Kartell

(All the images in this article belong to Kartell) If you want to decorate your house or  your studio with something special, out of the line, but simple at the same time, I think that Kartell is the best of its kind. From the iconic plastic lamp Bourgie, that mix baroque style with a pleatedContinua a leggere “My favourite home decor sites: Kartell”

My pillows are kitscher than yours

I think I’m very lucky because even if I live now in another state, I’m not too far from home. My family lives in the North of Italy, so in 5 hours by train I can go see them. I went there twice last month, once for a friend’s wedding and once for my brother’sContinua a leggere “My pillows are kitscher than yours”