It’s movie marathon day: 1986

I decided to create some movie marathon dedicated to some of the best years of our history. So why don’t start with the year when I was born? (Yeah, I’m a bit egocentric) 1986 was a great year for movies and it was very difficult to choose only 3 films between some of the biggest title ever. There were Platoon, Stand by me, Labyrinth, Top Gun…

It’s movie marathon day: friendship goals!

Hello friends! I think it’s time to dedicate a movie marathon to… friends! I’m talking about real friends, people who would do anything for you and, over all, would delete anything from your computer if you’d die. That kind of friend ship is my friendship goal and I think these 3 movies I chose areContinua a leggere “It’s movie marathon day: friendship goals!”

It’s movie marathon day: chocolate

Happy Easter to everyone! It is the day we eat the most together with Christmas, so everything I wish to you is to have a good digestive! I already started to eat a lot of chocolate and, when I was with my hands in a chocolate egg I had a blast: wouldn’t it be epicContinua a leggere “It’s movie marathon day: chocolate”

It’s movie marathon day: Willem Dafoe

Lucca FIlm Festival will start tomorrow and Willem Dafoe will be guest of honor and he’ll receive a special award. I really like his work has an actor and I think he deserves more main character positions in movies. If you notice most of the time he has not a leading role.
So, I want to dedicate this movie marathon to Willem Dafoe and his prizes (and a Wes

It’s movie marathon day: cartoons!

I don’t think there’s something to say about this movie marathon. Almost everyone loves cartoons and Disney is the undisputed ruler of this category. It is not positive, but it’s a fact.
Although I have to say that some weeks ago I had a heart attack: I quoted my favourite

It’s movie marathon day: video games!

Thanks to my boyfriend, now I’m an average video games addicted. What do I like the most? Hearthstone, The Witcher III, Ori and the Blind Forest, I’m also trying the beta of Gwent, but I’m not so good at it. I’m really addicted to Hearthstone. So, I want to dedicate this week’s movie marathon to video games and to my nerdy boyfriend.