New band: The Away Days

The band of the day is The Away Days, from Istanbul! Turkey is a special place for art and this group is something its country has to be proud of. They started of in 2012 with the indie pop EP, How did it all start, in which I like Hands a lot. I think they haveContinua a leggere “New band: The Away Days”

New band: Communions

New band of the week: Communions, from Copenhagen, Denmark. If you look at them you think about a nineties boy band. Despite what it looks like, they rock. First of all, I think their indie rock music reminds me of the eighties most beautiful sound.
They cross the post punk scene of the ’80s, but you can also hear some of the early nineties

Cymbals Eat Guitars, an indie rock band from NYC

I found Cymbals Eat Guitars some days ago and I already love them.
This indie rock band from New York is something that mixes everything I love: I think you can hear some The Cure voice and sound, for example in Chambers, or some Modest Mouse vibrations in their latest album Pretty Years, for example in Have a heart, and

It’s lazy playlist day: flu weekend

It’s that time of the year, flu time. So this indie playlist is for all of you with a big flu and for all the people that every year, regularly, have flu on weekends. You can listen to my list here on my Spotify.

The Heavy: indie rock band from Bath

I discovered The Heavy in 2009 on Mtv Brand New, the shared video was Sixteen. I loved them at a glance, their soul mixed with funky/indie rock sounds was wonderful.The singer, Kelvin Swaby, has a beautiful scratchy voice, that gives some jazzy tones at the songs.