San Fermin, how an orchestra can be a band

After University, Ellis Ludwig-Leone went in a lost place under the Rocky Mountains to compose his debut as San Fermin. It works: the result is great, the 2013 album San Fermin is a tribute to the great folk pop masters of the last years. Obviously the music has been influenced by that places in Alberta,Continua a leggere “San Fermin, how an orchestra can be a band”

Vagabon, a new band from New York

I totally love the discover of this week. Vagabon is an alternative indie pop band from New York. The voice, Laetitia Tamko, is very particular and can reach different sonorities. It is difficult to find something like this nowadays. Their first album has been released a few days ago: Infinite Worlds is an ensemble of various places, sounds, feelings, like

It’s lazy playlist day: girly weekend

It’s fri-yay and we have to be ready for the weekend with a marvellous playlist all made with feminine voices! It makes me feel happy and ready for a rollerblade ride (I can’t go on rollerblades) or a swim in the sea (there are -2° C).

It’s lazy playlist day: Matteo’s playlist!

Today’s playlist is gently offered by my friend Matteo, a man from the North of Italy, in whose soul beat the heart of a Scottish. These playlist I show you every week are meant to relax you for the weekend. So I asked him to help me and make a fantabolous list and this…

Polock, a band from Valencia

Polock is the indie band of the week. They’re Spanish and some days ago they released their latest single, thanks to which I heard them for the first time. It is Roll the dice and the video is very cute. I read that a new album will be release very soon. I can’t find a lot ofContinua a leggere “Polock, a band from Valencia”