My favourite home decor sites: Casa De Perrin

(All of the images in this article are properties of Casa De Perrin) Casa De Perrin is a dreamy website that rents flatware for special events as weddings. You can also see some photo galleries of their events on the site. Luckily now they also sell their beautiful flatware. They are expensive but of aContinua a leggere “My favourite home decor sites: Casa De Perrin”

Colourful little bowls!

Here I am with the thing that I love the most together with mugs: bowls! I found these beautiful little bowls in Piacenza, Italy, where my parents live, in my favourite shop, Ema Outlet. It’s my uncle’s shop with two different locations: one with only clothes and accessories and one with also home decor. YouContinua a leggere “Colourful little bowls!”

My favourite home decor sites: Kartell

(All the images in this article belong to Kartell) If you want to decorate your house or  your studio with something special, out of the line, but simple at the same time, I think that Kartell is the best of its kind. From the iconic plastic lamp Bourgie, that mix baroque style with a pleatedContinua a leggere “My favourite home decor sites: Kartell”

Home inspirations: pillows

When you start to buy other things than the essential furnitures, you can possibly feel a bit disoriented. The furnitures site are a lot but you know how much you can spend so you know more or less where to go. But when you move on the details, as pillows for example, you enter aContinua a leggere “Home inspirations: pillows”

My favourite home decor sites: Wayfair

One of the most well furnished site I’ve ever seen is You can also find the US version and the German-austrian version. You can find there anything, in every colour and every style. I am into kitchen accessories at the moment and I am a bit lost in the pages of Wayfair, there are any sort of dishes, cups, mugs, pieces of silverware…

Home inspirations: desks

My boyfriend and I are two home people. We love to stay at home, we love our computer, but the difference between us two is that I don’t really need a desk because with my Mac I can stay everywhere: on the couch, on the dining table, sometimes at the park nearby… But he hasContinua a leggere “Home inspirations: desks”