Animasks by Mad Beauty

I love rose water, it makes your skin glow and it soothes redness. Even the dark circles under your eyes are less evident. So I tried another sheet face mask with rose water by Mad Beauty. All their masks have animal shapes and this one has panda shape. Very funny! But I don’t know if IContinua a leggere “Animasks by Mad Beauty”

Kocostar rose petal face mask

It’s that time of the week, face mask time! I found this one here on This sheet mask with rose water by the Korean brand Kocostar is different than the others I tried because it is made with rose petals (sheet petals).
The good thing is that you can put every petal where you need, so if you have the necessity

Tonymoly handcream

Years ago, when you found some beauty products with a cartoon form you knew that they were funny but not good, because they were toys. Now it is different, Tonymoly mix the quality of korean beauty products to funny cartoons, like Pokemon.
I tried the hand cream in the right period because I ruined my hands working with a lot of

Mamonde and its makeup

I totally love Korean make up on Korean girls, so I wanted to try some of it. It is so refined and delicate I wanted on my skin too! I started to search them on, where there are a lot of Korean brands. I chose Mamonde (they don’t test on animals) and bought aContinua a leggere “Mamonde and its makeup”