It’s lazy playlist day: my indie music

I’m an indie lover, you know that. But when did I start to love indie? I wasn’t a fan of The Smiths, I didn’t called my fish or my cat Morrisey. I started to love indie when I heard the band Keane. I would say that I’m a poser, that I’m an ignorant. I don’t care, I love it and i love modern indie music. So here’s an indie playlist from when I discovered it in 2004,

It’s playlist day: trip hop

I wanted to be hip with a trip hop playlist but it was sooo difficult to find something beautiful. Trip hop is a hard type of music, not everyone likes it. It is something between hip hop, reggae, jazz, house music, so it’s not easy to understand if a song is really trip hop or not. Here’s a list of famous trip hop artists I’m sure you know.

It’s lazy playlist day: early 2000s

If you were born before the birth of the EU, then you should know every song of this week’s playlist. I was 14 when I was listening this songs, dreaming of a future far far away from Italy. Well, I love Italy now, it’s too beautiful, but that dream is always there inside my mind.

It’s Lazy Playlist Day: pure rock by Marco

The weekend is coming and you don’t know what to do. I know, same thing every week. Well, I suggest you to take a look around in your city with this beautiful playlist in your ears. My friend Marco made it: an Italian historical rock song, 8 rock shakes and…

It’s lazy playlist day: Lucrecuore playlist

There’s a friend I will never forget, even if I will go in Canada and she will go in South Africa. Well, IRL we are 1000 km distant. She’s a character and a beautiful person. Today’s playlist has been made by her, my dear Lucrezia R. This is a particular list, electronic but sweet, a girly list, you can find it also here on my Spotify.

It’s lazy playlist day: Lucrezia’s list

Finally it’s Friday, you can program your weekend with your love, with your friends, with your cat. My friend Lucrezia and I often go to a museum, there is a lot to see in Bologna. This week she gave me this beautiful list to share it with you for a chill weekend.