It’s movie marathon day: black and white

A movie marathon about black and white movies is a must, if you don’t like black and white, you don’t like cinema. My opinion. But there is something so romantic and elegant in the black and white movies, even when they talk about a crime. It seems that they are set in a cocoon-like world.

It’s movie marathon day: ice!

I am literally melting. I have two blower fans ten centimeters from my face because I can’t breath. It’s too hot in these days in Italy: 40°C is too much also for a warm lover like me. So I thought, is the placebo effect valid also for the hot weather? If I see something very cold will I feel a bit better? I’m crazy, am I not?

It’s movie marathon day: 1986

I decided to create some movie marathon dedicated to some of the best years of our history. So why don’t start with the year when I was born? (Yeah, I’m a bit egocentric) 1986 was a great year for movies and it was very difficult to choose only 3 films between some of the biggest title ever. There were Platoon, Stand by me, Labyrinth, Top Gun…

It’s movie marathon day: fashion movies

I love fashion history since I was little, thanks to my wonderful granny (she was a seamstress). What I love about fashion is its bond with art, so I’m not talking about the economic side or the shopping addiction. Fashion is a piece of art itself and, like painting, tells something about the society of its time.

It’s movie marathon day: colours!

What’s the most beautiful thing on a movie? The plot? The characters? No, no. The colours. All the colours in a movie have a big significate. Every-single-time. There are a lot of types of nuances a director can chose with all his team. The movie marathon of this week is made with three…

It’s movie marathon day: worst movies ever!

Every week I try to select something I really like to have a good movie marathon for you. I’m always worried to choose films you don’t like. But then I thought: “Well, who cares?”, movies are always a good pastime, whether they are your favourite or not. So this week’s movie marathon is about…