Energetic healing as soul medication

As I started to think that I had to heal myself from negativity and anxiety, I decide to open widely my mind towards something new. Something new that could help me to recharge my soul. I’m lucky to have a friend, Anna, that is an energetic healer. She guided me into the complementary therapies (IContinua a leggere “Energetic healing as soul medication”

Rilassarsi nella natura

Da quando abito in Svizzera ho scoperto una nuova passione, un’attività che mi rilassa i nervi.E’ fantastico, perché da quando sono in Svizzera ho anche più attacchi d’ansia. La vita riserva davvero molte sorprese!Questo posto (io mi riferisco solo a dove vivo, ovviamente, Zurigo) mette a dura prova le persone: soddisfa economicamente, ma c’è unaContinua a leggere “Rilassarsi nella natura”

Zurich, the fountains city

The people of Zurich have the luck to have a lot of water. There is the beautiful lake Zurich and also two rivers, Limmat and Sihl. Water is abundant and very clean and they use it in different smart ways. First of all it is very good and we drink it. It would be impossibileContinua a leggere “Zurich, the fountains city”

Zurich: Friedhof Sihlfeld

Let’s say that I don’t love sports. Well, I don’t love to DO sports, because I love to watch for example basketball. So, I don’t do sports but I walk. I love to walk very much and I love to explore new places and breath good and clean air. Luckily Zurich is not polluted asContinua a leggere “Zurich: Friedhof Sihlfeld”

Juice extractor and a lot of fruits

I received this wonderful juice extractor as a presents from two sweet friends.  I have never used one of these before and I have to admit that fruit juices are really better made with fresh fruits. But we decided to use it only when we have a lot of fruits at home and don’t want to let it wasted. I know, I can also use vegetables, but I’m not ready yet.