Is ChatGPT going to supplant social media managers and copywriters?

It’s unlikely that ChatGPT would completely supplant social media managers. Let me tell you why.

How many social media accounts are good for you?

I know the feeling: you would like to be everywhere to reach as much people as you can. But is it doable? And is it worth the time?

Even if you have the possibility to have a help with social media, ask yourself these questions:

What happens on social media channels in 2023

Today I’m going to give you my opinion on what’s going to happen on social media in 2023.
We already saw in the last year that there’s a lot going on on any single platform.
That’s because marketing is changing.

How to introduce yourself on Social Media – Instagram edition

Social media marketers say it a lot of time: “Your social media profiles are your business cards.”
They tell people, who you are, what you do and why.
What’s the achievement people can gain following you or buying your book?

Aumentare il rendimento sui social in modo chiaro e semplice: Fall mini-sessions

Ormai, sappiamo tutti usare i social media. Conosciamo i trucchetti più noti grazie alle centinaia di social media experts che seguiamo. Sappiamo che gli algoritmi sono delle brutte persone. Viviamo ogni giorno immersi in questa nuova realtà. Eppure, abbiamo difficoltà a vendere attraverso i social. O, ancor prima, abbiamo difficoltà a raggiungere il nostro cliente/lettoreContinua a leggere “Aumentare il rendimento sui social in modo chiaro e semplice: Fall mini-sessions”