It’s playlist day: funky music!

It’s a special weekend here in Italy, we celebrate the passage from the Monarchy to the Republic (2nd June 1946), but this day is usually used to go to the beach or make a party. You know the youth… Well, I love themed events and I think that a Funky Party would be great. I love funky music, is danceable but also full of great words.

It’s lazy playlist day: springy r’n’b

Finally the good weather has come. I love spring, the flowers, the colours, but the weather changes continuously and the last few weeks were very very bad.
But today is friYAY and it’s sunny. What’s better than this? How’s the weather where you live?

It’s Lazy Playlist Day: pure rock by Marco

The weekend is coming and you don’t know what to do. I know, same thing every week. Well, I suggest you to take a look around in your city with this beautiful playlist in your ears. My friend Marco made it: an Italian historical rock song, 8 rock shakes and…

It’s lazy playlist day: Lucrecuore playlist

There’s a friend I will never forget, even if I will go in Canada and she will go in South Africa. Well, IRL we are 1000 km distant. She’s a character and a beautiful person. Today’s playlist has been made by her, my dear Lucrezia R. This is a particular list, electronic but sweet, a girly list, you can find it also here on my Spotify.

It’s lazy playlist day: classic hip hop

There comes the time when you have to do a classic hip hop playlist. Because there is no hip hop like nineties hip hop. The sound is perfect for a lazy weekend, so smooth (and so explicit). I made this list with my boyfriend, he’s an expert on nineties hip hop.

It’s playlist day! #7

This is the seventh playlist of The Lazy Factory and maybe it’s too hipster, but I think it is perfect for a relaxed weekend. I imagine a bottle of wine and a hearth or a warm bath. I don’t have neither a fireplace nor a bathtub, but, you know, dreaming is free. So take your lover to a beautiful …