Aesthetic: style #17

It's time for a bit of fashion: it's been a while since I showed you some new foulard trends (but you can see some beauties on my Instagram). So I put together three perfect outfits in only one article. How much do you love colours? Summer is almost over but I think that colours never go on vacation! How about in using them also in Autumn? I think that some oranges and blues ar

Beauty routine: shampoo by Derbe

This beauty routine is dedicated to hair. I've never been a lot into hair, I'm not one of those people who cares a lot about brightness, softness etc. But I love my hair, I tried a lot of haircuts and hairstyles, I even coloured them once. But there's a moment when you realise that if you don't use the right products you can

Aesthetic: style #16

Ok, you can block the temperature. Really, it's enough, thanks. Or do you want to reach 40° C? The best thing in this case is to find a perfect fresh dress for summer nights. What about this Lupita Nyong'o's dress? It seems to be cool, other than beautiful. This is another long dress summer, you can wear them with a deep tear or two, with a double length on the front and the back, or normal. I love this one because it is simple, with a deep tear, and only some stripes to define the core. Black, lilac, yellow, violet and pink: perfect colours together. The headwrap in this case is the same colour as the dress: I think her stylist took this decision to focus the look on the breathless dress. Also the shoes are very simple for the same reason. I love lilac so much, maybe I should create also some lilac and pastel foulard, what do you think about it?  And what do you think about this look? Do you love Lupita Nyong'o too?