La serie crime della settimana: Starsky & Hutch

Questa settimana ritorniamo indietro nel tempo a cercare una serie crime (ve ne sarete ormai accorti, alterno serie crime attuali a quelle “vintage”): Starsky & Hutch mi è stata suggerita da mio padre.Conoscevo, ovviamente, questa serie famosissima, ma credo più che altro per il film che è stato fatto nel 2004 con Ben Stiller eContinua a leggere “La serie crime della settimana: Starsky & Hutch”

It’s playlist day: funky music!

It’s a special weekend here in Italy, we celebrate the passage from the Monarchy to the Republic (2nd June 1946), but this day is usually used to go to the beach or make a party. You know the youth… Well, I love themed events and I think that a Funky Party would be great. I love funky music, is danceable but also full of great words.

It’s lazy playlist day! Piano songs

This week playlist is suggested by my friend Michele: I asked him a lazy playlist to relax your mind during a long bath or while you read a book. You can see he loves seventies music, but the playlist is completed with other gems of the history of music.