Singer of the month: Shura

The singer of the month is Shura, an English singer-songwriter I discovered her few weeks ago. She decided to assume the creative control over the production of her music and I’m very impressed about this, it’s not a simple work.
Her sound touches a lot of genres: electropop, alternative r’n’b, new wave, indie, it’s

Singer of the month: Lola Rhodes

I have to thank Twitter because I can find every single day new wonderful artists.
The singer of the month is the Californian beauty Lola Rhodes. I chose her lovely voice because I think that in Summer we all want to hear some fresh and soft sounds during the day. The night is another story.

Polock, a band from Valencia

Polock is the indie band of the week. They’re Spanish and some days ago they released their latest single, thanks to which I heard them for the first time. It is Roll the dice and the video is very cute. I read that a new album will be release very soon. I can’t find a lot ofContinua a leggere “Polock, a band from Valencia”