Home inspo: Søstrene Grene

Come saprete, Zurigo non è conosciuta per essere una città economica. Dire solamente che è cara è un po’ come dire che Idris Elba è abbastanza carino. Idris Elba è un gran figo e a Zurigo è cara appestata. Per fortuna hanno concesso ai colossi svedesi, come Ikea e H&M, di aprire anche qui eContinua a leggere “Home inspo: Søstrene Grene”

My pillows are kitscher than yours

I think I’m very lucky because even if I live now in another state, I’m not too far from home. My family lives in the North of Italy, so in 5 hours by train I can go see them. I went there twice last month, once for a friend’s wedding and once for my brother’sContinua a leggere “My pillows are kitscher than yours”

Home inspirations: desks

My boyfriend and I are two home people. We love to stay at home, we love our computer, but the difference between us two is that I don’t really need a desk because with my Mac I can stay everywhere: on the couch, on the dining table, sometimes at the park nearby… But he hasContinua a leggere “Home inspirations: desks”

New sofa, more laziness

Obviously the photo over the title is not mine, you can find it on the Ikea site (click here to see it and the product). I used it because you know that our living room is almost empty and, how you’ll figure out when you’ll see the photo here under, it wouldn’t be so beautiful to share in the title a photo with only a sofa.

Home inspirations: sofa

It’s time to choose the most important piece of forniture of all the house! The one on which all the ideas come from, the one on which you stay comfortable with your love, the one that goes well with Netflix: the sofa. A house without a sofa is like a sky without stars.