Home inspo: Søstrene Grene

Come saprete, Zurigo non è conosciuta per essere una città economica. Dire solamente che è cara è un po’ come dire che Idris Elba è abbastanza carino. Idris Elba è un gran figo e a Zurigo è cara appestata. Per fortuna hanno concesso ai colossi svedesi, come Ikea e H&M, di aprire anche qui eContinua a leggere “Home inspo: Søstrene Grene”

Zurich: Kreisbüro or not Kreisbüro?

When you are an expat is really difficult to understand immediately how Zurich works. Well, it is a really well organized city and everything is easy to do (when you have already a job). Every district has its own Kreisbüro, the municipality where you do every bureaucratic thing. First of all, it’s the first placeContinua a leggere “Zurich: Kreisbüro or not Kreisbüro?”

Zurich, the fountains city

The people of Zurich have the luck to have a lot of water. There is the beautiful lake Zurich and also two rivers, Limmat and Sihl. Water is abundant and very clean and they use it in different smart ways. First of all it is very good and we drink it. It would be impossibileContinua a leggere “Zurich, the fountains city”

Zurich restaurants: Wesley’s Kitchen

It’s time to explore the culinary part of Zurich. One of the beautiful things of this city is that is the most multicultural zone of all Switzerland. So you can find every type of cuisine to try. My boyfriend and I spent a very good dinner at Wesley’s Kitchen in Josefstrasse,48 (near Langstrasse) in KreisContinua a leggere “Zurich restaurants: Wesley’s Kitchen”

How to find an apartment in Zurich

Let’s begin saying that most of all the house in Zurich haven’t a private owner but they are of companies. They always try to keep them well and they renovate them constantly. That’s way, for example, that I don’t have a balcony at the moment, because they are remaking all the building balconies and also the facade. They do these things continuously so they can maintain the house rent costs.

Once upon a time a white dining table

Once upon a time a princess and his prince went to Ikea for a dining table. The princess was very scared because she knew how it is boring for a prince to do a job like that. But, surprise! after a quick research through all the dining tables, the prince shouted out: “This one!”. TheContinua a leggere “Once upon a time a white dining table”