It all started in 2018, when I moved abroad for the first time with my partner. He found a really good job in Zurich, Switzerland.
And what about me? I couldn’t find a job. It seemed that my experience in Italy as social media manager for small businesses was useless. I continued to work for Italian small businesses for a bit, but it was not enough, Switzerland has a really different life cost.
I ended up being a nanny, for a wonderful family, in order to have a sufficient amount of money to be independent.
In 2021, finally I had the courage (imposter syndrome anyone?) to start to show what I new on social media and to propose myself as a freelancer. It was tough in the beginning, it takes time to build trust online nowadays.
But here I am now, full time social media coach from July 2023.
Is this a dream come true? Yes it is.

That’s why my purpose is to help women like me, expats who struggle to find a job abroad and decide to open their own business. I am here to help solopreneurs to define their business identity and to grow and sell online. With laziness, that can also be read “smarter, not harder”.

photo by Liliana Lafranchi
photo by Liliana Lafranchi
photo by Liliana Lafranchi


Hi! I’m Daria, nice to meet you!
• I’m a Social Media Manager and blogger with more than 10 years of experience in Online Communication.
• I worked in different fields, such as Fashion, Publishing, Fitness, Nutrition, and Innovation.
• I love Social Media because they give us new opportunities of communication and let even the smallest reality stand out.
• I love books, pizza and cats!
• I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland with my partner and our cat Sheldon. We are all from Italy!


• I studied Performing arts and communication at Pisa University in Pisa, Italy.
• I attended a Master in Fashion Journalism and Communication at Eidos Communication in Rome, Italy.
• I earned an online certification on Social Media Marketing from the Northwestern University.
• I earned the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate.
• I never stop to study because Online Marketing is continuously evolving!

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