My story

It all started in 2018, when I moved abroad for the first time with my partner. He found a really good job in Zurich, Switzerland.
And what about me? I couldn’t find a job. It seemed that my experience in Italy as social media manager for small businesses was useless. I continued to work for Italian small businesses for a bit, but it was not enough, Switzerland has a really different life cost.
I ended up being a nanny, for a wonderful family, in order to have a sufficient amount of money to be independent.
In 2021, finally I had the courage (imposter syndrome anyone?) to start to show what I new on social media and to propose myself as a freelancer. It was tough in the beginning, it takes time to build trust online nowadays.
But here I am now, full time social media coach from July 2023.
Is this a dream come true? Yes it is.

That’s why my purpose is to help women like me, expats who struggle to find a job abroad and decide to open their own business. I am here to help solopreneurs to define their business identity and to grow and sell online. With laziness, that can also be read “smarter, not harder”.

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