I found out that some of you have already the basic knowledge you need to publish on social media.
You just need to improve some parts in order to grow and sell.
That’s why I thought about this mini-course, completely customisable, made of:
• 1 first meeting where together we choose 3 topics inside the scopes posting, engaging and selling;
• 3 30 minutes lessons where we analyse deeply those 3 topics.

Do you have some questions before taking this decision? Write me at!

Only 5 Fall mini-sessions available.

  • Payable in one solution after our first meeting via Twint or Paypal

At the moment I offer you two types of services:

  • the classic Social Media Manager Package, where I can become your SMM permanently or for a preset amount of time. Together we can decide how many hours are needed per week with a 45 minutes FREE meeting that you can book directly from here.
    Note: The price of the package will be defined the moment we decide to work together. It depends on the amount of hours and the social media accounts that I should manage.
  • the Coaching Program.
    You know that you want to take care of your Social Media Accounts but you don’t know how. Or you want to improve your Social Media knowledge.
    I can share with you my incredible P.E.S. Strategy (Posting, Engaging, Selling).
    Book your first meeting with me where I can analyse your accounts and see specifically what you need.

    You didn’t start yet your social media journey? In this hour together I can provide you the foundations you need to start and/or we can open together your business pages on the social media that best suit your business.
Analysis Meeting Price
  • Before the meeting you’ll provide me all the links to the social media you want me to analyse, then we’ll discuss together about what you may need to improve your Social Media Strategy.
  • Payable via Twint or Paypal at least 48 hours before the meeting.

You don’t know what you may need for your Social Media?
Then book your FREE 45 minutes meeting and let’s find out together!

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