Klara Zubonja: an Australian singer with an European folk heart

A new singer-songwriter is entering the world of folk music: Klara Zubonja is an Australian beautiful girl I discovered a couple of weeks ago and I already love her voice. I am a lover of every particularity indie can give, like Regina Spektor, Eliza Doolittle, Marina and the Diamonds… and Klara is surely on their level. I can hear also some King Charles notes in her cheerful songs such as Birds in my living room. Well, Klara Zubonja loves those singers too and she has a particularly attention on European folk music combined to what is the independent music now.

Klara Zubonja’s debut album is Stuck Between, you can listen to it Here on Youtube. I like her both strong and sweet voice with a very considerable extension. You can see also two videos: Stuck Between and We have no control.

Her website is www.klarazubonja.com. What do you think about her?


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