The Brevet: a Southern Californian rock band

I totally love to discover new bands and singers. Today I want to share with you The Brevet, an American band from Southern California. They described theirselves in a complicated way: “By combining Americana rock, sweeping orchestral tracks, gang vocals, unforgettable choruses and connective emotional lyrics, The Brevet passionately spills their hearts through cinematic sounds which has led to fans and critics labeling them as one of the first in the ‘Epic Americana’ genre”. I’d rather describe them as an alternative rock band, with some southern inspiration, such as Kings of Leon. You can also hear a bit of modern European folk in their songs, something like Mumford & Sons. I have to say that the leading voice, Aric Chase Damm, has a particular sound and it is difficult nowadays to find something different. I love their latest release Meet me in the night from their EP Embers Ch.2. Listen also to this beautiful acustic version of Hold on. i really appreciate this rock band and I think there is the need of this alternative genre also in Italy.


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