Gravel Kings, from Florida with love

I discovered a fantastic band from Florida: Gravel Kings. I love their folk-rock sounds. It’s not something you usually hear in Florida. Movies taught us that this music usually comes from Alabama or Texas.

(It is difficult to share with you their music with Youtube, there aren’t a lot of videos, so I will use Spotify.)

They’re latest EP Lure is various and experimental, every song as a different soul. You can notice an old west saloon style piano in Livin, an energising banjo in When you’re gone, as in the late nineties songs. I like this album a lot, we’re not used to this type of alternative rock in Europe. Don’t miss also their first album Arrows & Maps, very young and with a huge contribute to country music, as in Buffalo, for example. Unusual for a Florida band, but so exciting.


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