Tonymoly handcream

Years ago, when you found some beauty products with a cartoon form you knew that they were funny but not good, because they were toys. Now it is different, Tonymoly mix the quality of korean beauty products to funny cartoons, like Pokemon.
I tried the hand cream in the right period because I ruined my hands working with a lot of heavy large boxes and washing my body with a Dead Sea salt soap (perfect for my body but it dried a lot my hands).
So I can say that this funny Pikachu helped my hands to return what they were. The smell is very very good and it’s not oily on the skin at all. I hate those creams you have for hours on your skin and don’t absorb. You don’t have to wear gloves with this cream because it is immediately absorbed by your skin.

Good job, Tonymoly. You can buy its product here on or here on


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