Cymbals Eat Guitars, an indie rock band from NYC

I found Cymbals Eat Guitars some days ago and I already love them.
This indie rock band from New York is something that mixes everything I love: I think you can hear some The Cure voice and sound, for example in Chambers, or some Modest Mouse vibrations in their latest album Pretty Years, for example in Have a heart, and some Weezer maybe.

Joseph D’Agostino has a great particular voice, essential for a different result today in the big music world. We hear a lot of similar sounds, a voice like this can change everything.
This band has a lot of work behind, four albums that allow you to see their growth and experience. Pretty Years is more energetic than the others. My favourite? Lose, their third album (a bit punk?), but I often love the second or the third album, I think that they “talk more” than the following and the previous. Because the first album is a try and only after comes out the real band (or singer) and then there is the danger that the band (or the singer) follows what the community wants or what’s on vogue.
My favourite song? Dancing days(I didn’t find it on Youtube so this is the Spotify link), from their latest album Pretty Years.

They’re coming in Europe, to my delight, with two concerts in June in Barcelona and Porto.
They site:


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