It’s playlist day: trip hop

I wanted to be hip with a trip hop playlist but it was sooo difficult to find something beautiful. Trip hop is a hard type of music, not everyone likes it. It is something between hip hop, reggae, jazz, house music, so it’s not easy to understand if a song is really trip hop or not. Here’s a list of famous trip hop artists I’m sure you know.
You can find it also here on my Spotify.

  • Massive Attack – Karmacoma
  • Tricky – Hell is round the corner
  • Portishead – Cowboys
  • Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie
  • Hooverphonic – 2 wicky
  • Thievery Corporation – Until the morning
  • I Monster – Daydream in blue
  • Dj Shadow – Six days
  • Chet Faker – No diggity
  • Faithless – Muhammad Ali

What do you think about trip hop? Do you like it?

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