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It’s movie marathon day: cartoons!

I don’t think there’s something to say about this movie marathon. Almost everyone loves cartoons and Disney is the undisputed ruler of this category. It is not positive, but it’s a fact.
Although I have to say that some weeks ago I had a heart attack: I quoted my favourite cartoon and I thought I was very funny, when two of my friends said: “Daria, we’re adults, we don’t talk about cartoons”. Ice.

Now I have to say that they are wrong, they’re totally wrong. I’m happy to watch cartoons because they often have big messages suitable to all the ages and because being childish sometimes is good for heart and soul. Some adults have to think what they lost from their teenage or childhood. I think that they are less happy than the others.

So, I’m proud to say that I love cartoons and that I dedicate this week’s movie marathon to my favourite three (IRL they are many more):

Are you a cartoon lover? Which are your favourite?

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