Kocostar rose petal face mask

It’s that time of the week, face mask time! I found this one here on Asos.com. This sheet mask with rose water by the Korean brand Kocostar is different than the others I tried because it is made with rose petals (sheet petals).
The good thing is that you can put every petal where you need, so if you have the necessity only on your cheekbones and then on your neck there are no problems. There are 12 petals you can use.IMG_20170312_133149648

So, wash your face, then put on the petals and wait 20/30 minutes. Then remove them and spread the rest of the cream.

Rose water is very delicate on the skin and useful if you want to remove redness and against acne. I don’t have acne, but I use it to refresh my skin and reduce under-eye puffiness.
This time I tried it also on the neck, a very delicate zone we always forget to take care of.

So, do I like it? Well, I like the final sensation on the skin, a delicate freshness. But I don’t know

I don’t know if I feel like a strange insect or simply like a moron.

about the petals. Yes, it is convenient to have little petals so you can put them where you want, but they can contain less cream and they move when you move your face muscles.
I prefer “complete” sheet mask and then put the remain cream also on the neck.

What do you think about these petals? Did you try something like this?


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