Band of the month: Drab Majesty

Do you need a trip back to the magical eighties? The band of the month will bring you there with their unique music. Drab Majesty comes from Los Angeles, California, but it remembers me of those eighties groups from the UK: a lot of electronic sounds, a lot of neon lights and an androgynous image. They define themselves as an alternative neo goth band. I think you can ear some post punk guitars (maybe a little like The Chameleons? Or The Lorries? The early Depeche Mode?) and some nostalgic vibes, typical of the eighties; the voice of the singer, Deb Demure, is a is always modified by the electro sound but it reproduce the “laziness” of the punk rebellion perfectly.

I love the single Too soon to tell from the latest album The Demonstration, but it is difficult not to like every song because they are all a jump into the past, a perfect magical past. From the 2016 album Completely Careless I want to recommend Everything is sentimental.

My boyfriend, an eighties enthusiast, introduced me to this marvellous band and when I asked him some words about it he says: “They remembers me of when I was a kid playing with my first video games console and watching eighties ninja’s movies”. Very eloquent.


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