UPKer by Guam: for your hair only

My mother is a great discoverer of new products that don’t hurt your skin, without parabens, ecc. Guam is a brand that takes care of it, however this product isn’t for your skin, but it helps your hair. UPKer by Guam is an oil that repairs and protects your hair from the roots to the ends.

It has a light formula that doesn’t add weight to your hair. It is perfect for those who use hair straighteners or a curling tong. You have to apply some drops on your wet and clean hair, especially on the ends and brush it.
The smell is very soft, I really don’t like strong perfumes, so I appreciate this.
The principal and most important ingredients are Fucus Vesiculosus (an alga that gives health to your hair and strengthens the stalk structure), argan oil and flax oil, that enrich the hair and enlighten it.
The effect is very good because you don’t notice any oil on your hair and you don’t have to wash them more than usually. You will see less damaged hair and less split ends if you use it constantly.

It costs about 11€ and I think it is a good way to take care of your hair.



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