Beauty routine: no mosquito bytes, please

As every time I find something innovative, I have to thank my mother and her trusted shop in which you can find a lot of organic products. This time of the year my problem (and I think this is your problem too) are mosquitos. I live near fields even if I’m in a city and this is beautiful because I can also see nature and air is better. But there are also the worst thing that Mother Nature has ever created.

I don’t like chemical products, so I tried to fill my balcony with geraniums and lemon grass plants, but first I don’t have a green thumb and second they fly over it, I should cover the entire walls to create a good barrier against them. So, this natural product is the solution: Zanzarep by Olfattiva is a mixture of natural essences that keep mosquitos away. It has all the plants I can’t care of inside: lavender, lemongrass, mint, geranium. You can protect yourself from these small insects in a natural and healthy way, keeping them away using the most suitable essential oils. The smell is gorgeous and summery and it is not sticky at all. And this is not an ad, I really love it!

You can buy it here: They ship internationally.


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