Beauty Routine: VINE[ACTIV] by Caudalie

I’m so happy when I find something really magic for my skin. I’m 30 and my skin is not the same as ten years ago, so it’s time to change the products I use for it. I always tried high quality face products, because I give a lot of importance to my face. I tried all organic, natural, not tested on animals products and this time I did the same.
Some days ago I had the opportunity to try a skin test by Caudalie in a pharmacy near my parents’ home. The doctor read my skin and she found out that what I thought it could be a classic dry skin was caused only by my bad habit, I have to drink more water everyday! So the rich cream I was using wasn’t the right one for me!
She said that I need anti-pollution and with sun protection, it’s important to protect the skin from these bad smog and sun. She recommended me VINE[ACTIV] line by Caudalie. Caudalie is a company born in 1995 in France. The founder Mathilde Thomas has been inspired by grapevine, that is also the base of this VINE[ACTIV] collection. The line products are four, but to start the treatment and see if they are perfect for me, I only bought the first three:

  • Anti-wrinkle serum brightness activator. It’s a fresh serum for face and neck, you ca use it in the morning and at night after you wash your face;
  • 3 in 1 cream, anti-pollution, anti-wrinkle and brightness activator. This cream is light, perfect for normal skins. You can put it on your face after the serum in the morning.
  • anti-fatigue eye and lip contour. This is my first eye contour and I’m asking myself why I didn’t try it before. I have dark circles under my eyes because of glasses and this cream is changing that part of my face. The skin is renovated and well hydrated.
  • The last product I didn’t buy (but I’ll do it in the next days) is the detoxifing night oil. At night, after you wash your face, you can put on the serum and some drops of this detoxifying oil. You don’t need the cream.

IMG_20171028_135711062  IMG_20171028_135624856  IMG_20171028_135638775

After two weeks I think that I can say that this treatment fits me perfectly, my skin is glowing (and I’m drinking more water). But it’s not finished. IMG_20171028_135536466 (1)I also bought a perfect Make up remover oil that can be perfect for washing your face. I didn’t believe it, was it a dream? No, it is the most wonderful magic I have ever seen. How do you use it? When you have to wash your face in the morning or when you remove your make up in the evening and you prepare yourself for bed, you warm three sprays of it with your fingers and massage it on your dry face and neck. Then you wet all a bit with water and continue massaging it. Finally you rinse face and neck with water.

I’m very satisfied about all this beauty goodies, They also give me a Gentle buffing cream for free and I’ll try it in some days. The fantastic thing about Caudalie is that you can buy everything also from their site, but signing up on makes you collect points to obtain goodies for free. How do you collect them? By adding the codes you find in the products packagings.

Important: no parbens, no phenoxyethanol, no mineral oils, no sodium laureth sulfate, no animal origin ingredients and no tests on animals.

What about you? Have you ever tried Caudalie? Which type of products do you use for your face?



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